These are really pretty gentle. That's no easy feat. I'm really impressed.

Love your preset's, such a time saver and I get result's I wasn't able to get before using them ♥

I love all of the presets! They are gorgeous.

Attention to detail is phenomenal! The presets cover a wide variety of tones and styles and multiple ones looked great on one image.  I wish I could give more feedback than just schmoozing you, but honestly they are fantastic!  I had to adjust the exposure like you said, but it was minimal.  The attached have NO adjustments made from sooc other than your preset so what you see is what you get. I simply adore them!

Your presets have all the credit in the edit.  I think you have a great variety of clean, mattes, and b&w's.  I was impressed that right out the door with no other tweaking they looked fabulous. That's hard to come by.  I have other preset sets, and none have impressed me like this one. 

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Glisten is one of my faves, I nearly edited an entire session with it!!!! I love that is so soft and customizable!  

Oh. My. Gosh.  This is crazy!  These presets are SO great!  I almost can’t believe it – seriously.  All these other presets I’ve seen and used have sooo much going on and honestly do not look good on my images.  Yours are soo perfect!  It’s just the perfect amount of everything!  Holy cow girl!  Great job!  I finally have a true one-click edit that is usable!  = D 

ok soooo i clicked on my FIRST one - babies breath......eeeeeek and utopia?! like I'm seriously in LOVE!!Oh my goodness i LOOOOOOOOOVE them!!They are awesome!! EXACYLY what I've been looking for!! If I'm keeping it totally real with you I have spent SOOOOOOO much money on actions/presets only to like one or two out of like 40-50 and you send over your collection and I love them all!! Way to go!!

I am so loving the heartstrings collection! talk about time saving!


AMAZING, quality, AMAZING service, AMAZING talent!! Cocoa&Blush is hands down the best around!!

I've just received my order and it's absolutely divine!!! I have many many props but I have to says yours stand out among many 

Amazing quality from the time you open that gorgeous package to the moment you put her fab products on the bebes, her pieces are nice and soft and the fit is amazing, and photograph fabulously! Her custom pieces if you are lucky enough to score one are to die for!!! Thank you for your amazing self miss!

Gorgeous, handmade products! My clients love these props!

Love my tiebacks from Cocoa&Blush!!

Quality is so amazing and everything is made in canada! thats my favourite part ♥